I think we all feel that life is one big challenge don’t we? Change must occur as that is life, but I think sometimes ‘change’ isn’t for the better, it seems to frustrate and irritate us. It seems we can’t talk to anyone now unless we go into a queue and even then, the outcome isn’t always successful is it? Gone are the days when communication was first and foremost, when we spoke to real people who really cared and helped us.

Take the NHS and Doctors surgeries as another example, the staff are lovely the system is wrong, when we can get through we are helped but not always in the way we would like. Life seems to be a battle with no-one winning, Robots come to mind, no communication, no writing a letter or card,  only email or text, no communication, our vocabulary and language will not be used, so will dialogue also disappear in this new technical age?

I know every generation has different approaches but it has to feel right and connected, which it doesn‘t for my generation, how often do we say to our grandchildren ‘put that device down and talk’ only to be looked at as if we are mad and know nothing? For me I feel sad and disconnected, they seem to only want their, phones and to ‘chat’ to their friends via text, again no literal conversation.

I suppose it is the same for all older generations, our parents had to try to come to terms with us in the 60’s when ‘free love’ and ‘miniskirts’ were the norm, they must have felt a bit like we do now, out of control and disconnected.

When these times become a problem as they are, what with all the abuse and violence, we must look closely at ourselves, looking within and being true to who we are, that way we will feel stronger and better. Compassion and Empathy will take over if we ‘let go’ and just ‘be’

This quote or part quote from Albert Camus puts this into perspective I think.

For it says that no

matter how hard the world pushes against

me, within me, there’s something stronger-

something better, pushing right back.