Shinpiden Reiki level 3

Course dates


Shinpiden is now  being run over 1 day a week for three weeks. This Reiki Course can be arranged too suit the student. Contact Jenny to arrange.


Course fee

£470.00 per person. A deposit of £200.00 will be required to book your place.


The Five Elements in Relation to Shinpiden

Shinpiden means ‘mystery teachings’ and is the third and final level of the system of Reiki . This does not indicate that practice stops here. Shinpiden is in fact just the beginning of your life-long study. Shinpiden focuses on personal development and teaches students the final details of the elements of the system of Reiki. This is how the five elements are practiced at the Shinpiden level:

1. Developing Spiritual and Mental Focus

Emphasis is placed once again on developing the spiritual and mental connection using the five precepts and creating a consistent practice.

2. Techniques and Meditations

Shinpiden includes additional traditional techniques and meditations

3. Hands-on Healing

The physical practice on the self continues. Shinpiden embodies the understanding that hands-on healing is more than a physical practice.

4. Mantras and Symbols

One mantra and symbol are taught along with their descriptions and uses. Students gain a deeper understanding of the mantras and symbols from Okuden and their relationship to Shinpiden.

5. Reiju / Attunements

One Reiju / attunemant takes the student’s energetic connection a step further. Student’s learn how to perform reiju / attunements for Levels I, II and III.

Once Shinpiden is completed, all aspects of the system of Reiki become an integral part of the student’s life. Some say that this is where life and the system of reiki merge with students unable to tell the difference between the two.

Instead of thinking of Reiki as a lifetime practice we now know that life is our Reiki practice.

Students who wish to teach the system of Reiki will most importantly need to further their own personal practice before beginning to teach. Guidance on how to teach the elements involved will be taught on the Shinpiden

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How to book

1. Register your interest.
Jenny will confirm course availability. Please use either the form below, or call Jenny on:
07989 198812
to register your interest.
2. Make a payment.
Jenny will email you details to make a BACS payment. Your place is not confirmed until the following deposit is paid:

A deposit of £80.00 For Shoden
A deposit of £100.00 for Okuden
A deposit of £200.00 for Shinpiden

The balance is to be paid one week  before the course.

Jenny will confirm your place once payment is received.

Please note that in order to confirm your place on a Reiki Course, full payment is required at the time of booking.

Refunds will not be given unless Jenny cancels the Reiki Course, however in the event that you are unable to attend your booked date, your payment will secure your new preferred date.


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    Ongoing Support

    After the course has ended you can contact Jenny by telephone or email her for on-going support, this can be about the Course or experiences and questions about their Reiki journey.

    An MP3 containing the course details and meditations are provided on completion of the course. A comprehensive manual and certificate is also provided.

    Reiki sharing groups are held every 6 weeks or so, and are a great way to meet up and share experiences.