I thought I would write about thoughts, we all have thoughts and issues that we don’t let go of, to achieve joy and happiness we have to let go of destructive thoughts and issues deep within us, otherwise we will be deprived of freedom, so we must find the courage to ‘let go’. Our inner being will guide us as will the deep breathing of Joshin Ko Ku Ho in our Reiki practice. We need to be guided also by the Reiki Precepts, to worry as we know will not solve anything, what it will do is make us unwell and eventually destroy us. So to feel happy, free and kind we must understand that ‘hanging’ on to things deep inside will do the same as if we are deep in worry, the outcome will destroy all that we hold precious.

We must also remember that all the thoughts and unrest we feel belongs to the past, the future is not here, the past is to learn from, we cannot change that. ‘Letting go’ can be extremely painful, so we must be brave and tackle our issues, even though we may feel extreme pain, but if we are to heal we must go through this. The challenge is just that, simple and natural, how good we will feel after accepting the challenge, we will feel lighter and filled with pride, regaining our inner freedom, regaining the light within, regaining our true selves.

We will then be able to show compassion to ourselves and others, we cannot achieve this without ‘letting go’ of our pain.

Love Jenny