We have a New Year, we have pressure to follow our resolutions, we have to ask ourselves why? When we make these resolutions it is very likely we will fail and then to become morose and guided by failure.

Why don’t we just live in the moment and enjoy it, never comparing ourselves to anyone else, just being our true selves, whether fat, thin, frail, short, tall and so on. Humans always seem to want to be someone else instead of looking deeply at themselves and loving who they are.

I know we get all these ‘life’ magazines and recordings telling us to change etc. but, that is all they are, paper and audio, with a sort of guru/model telling us to do this and that.

What they don’t say is that we are all different and all have our own issues which we are responsible for, no-one else. Happiness is a privilege, and really a moment in our lives to embrace.

So, living in the moment and enjoying the new life of nature is wonderful. Embrace the system of Reiki and heal yourself.

Love Jenny xx