I can smell ‘Spring’ the buds are budding, daffodils popping up and the Snowdrops blooming, the birds are frantically showing off to each other ready for mating and my heart lifts.

Our connection to this very special event is so strong, regrowth and renewal never stops. One moment the leaves are falling from the trees and what seems like the next moment the branches are budding. Truly marvellous and magical. Nature always fights back, it almost seems that whatever abuse we shower on them they take no notice, they just want to get on with the new season. Humbling isn’t it?

Yesterday we had a lovely Reiki Share and had an outside visitor, when we were meditating or sharing a Reiju Blessing this little long tailed Tit kept pecking the glass in the window, when we stopped it flew away until the next time, it was very funny and uplifting at the same time, amazing in fact!

I took some photos of the Canada Geese on the lake in Corsham today, they are also pairing up and making such a ‘rumpus’ it was quite deafening.

Reiki and the ancient teachings brings us to another level, when we look deeply within the light shines out and our courage, strength, love and compassion is part of our spirit. We have everything we need and nature shows us this without judgement or anger.

 When we look at life and see how precious it is, what do we do? If we look with compassion and kindness, peace will follow also understanding, we all need to do our little bit and then perhaps the planet will become balanced again.

All is not lost, we humans need to realise that we are a very small part of our complex world and without us I think the world would be a much better place, it is humans that is destroying the very thin line between survival and extinction. Wanting more and more, wanting too much, we need to be grateful for life, a moment of wonder at what we have instead of abuse and greed.

Mikao Usui’s teachings are simple and honest, no greed, no power, no ego. Reiki is in our lives for a reason, Reiki is honest, Reiki is compassionate, Reiki allows us to be true to who we are, no anger, no worry, no ego, no power.

Let Nature be its glorious self