Reiki Teaching

I teach the original ancient Japanese Reiki, in it’s true form, from these esoteric practices came the teachings of Mikao Usui.

Courses are held over a weekend, or a time and date convenient to the student. Support is given by Jenny at all times, with the opportunity to refresh the course for a year, which is free.

Reiki sharing groups are held every month to six weeks to share Reiki, meditation, and to discuss any problems or successes that may have occurred on their Reiki journey. On these meetings we often use vibrational sound through chanting, the direct experience of this leads us to another dimension. Not to be missed!



All the courses are accompanied by a certificate confirming that you have followed the spiritual practice of the system of Reiki from the original Japanese perspective.

All courses include an MP3 file by Jenny covering the main contents of the course including the meditations. A comprehensive information pack of each course is given with the choice of downloading them.

1st Degree – Shoden

At this level the student begins to understand the inner journey of self discovery, and personal development. The Shoden teachings bring into practice a direct experience of this energetic system. The combination of these teachings creates the Usui Reiki Ryoho lineage. It is the entire teachings that are being handed down.

2nd Degree – Okuden

Okuden Level 11 is known as Japanese hidden or inner teachings. Okuden teaches the student three mantras and three symbols enabling a strong focus on the energy. At this level you will discover your inner qualities such as Earth, Heaven and Heart energy. The student has the opportunity to develop a professional treatment practice from these teachings.

Master Teacher - Shinpiden

Shinpiden Level 111, Japanese Mystery Teachings: Shinpiden focuses on personal development and mental focus. At this level you will move into discovering more about the mysteries of life and how you relate to yourself and the Universe. These teachings will be with you for the rest of your life either as a personal practice or a professional teaching practice.

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, it is the parent of all others.”

– Cicero