Reiki and Grief, Anxiety and Stress.

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Wise words

Hi I thought  within this Blog I would talk a bit about grief and what it means. We have all suffered during these ‘lockdowns’ we had to slow down, and because we have slowed down we see and understand more about life, more about nature and more about the abuse of our planet. Todays news regarding Afghanistan is appalling, violence … Read More

Reiki and Hatsurei-ho and Stillness.

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Hi I don’t know about you, but during the bitterly cold weather did you discover new things when walking with nature? I discovered new feelings of stillness and awareness in the world around me, walking slowly and really looking at life in the natural world. The busy squirrels, the chirping of the birds, even ~Monkjacks running for cover, Blackbirds chasing … Read More

Reiki and Distant Healing

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Kindness @ connection.

Hello I am often asked by students ‘what is distant healing’, they sometimes think that there is a special way to ‘send’ healing and is it directed to one person. Actually when we think of a person, situation, life becomes ‘one’ with all things. The connection is already there, and that means in essence to everything and everyone. Sitting in … Read More

Reiki events etc

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reiki blog

Hi All Hope all is well with you all, Christmas nearly upon us, money spent, presents given, dinner ready for the oven. For me it’s immoral, so much given in the wrong way. Homeless still homeless, addiction very prevalent, we need to prioritise and help the souls who have nothing. The Dog’s Trust box from the Reiki Shares, came to … Read More

The Three Levels of Reiki

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Within the system of Reiki, three levels are taught. These are taken from ancient Japanese practices and esoteric teachings. Mikao Usui brought the teachings into modern life, giving them more structure and guidance. The first level is (Shoden) and means the ‘entrance’ or the ‘beginning’ and is the start of the student’s Reiki journey. Shoden teaches a student to ‘self-treat’ … Read More


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The Prayer Native American, White Cloud   Great Spirit Whose voice I hear in the wind, And whose breath gives life to all the world, Hear me!   Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever Behold the red and purple sun set. Make my hands respect the things you have Made, And my ears sharp to hear … Read More


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‘This body is like the earth. Our bones are like mountains. Our belly is like the sea. Our flesh is like the dust and mud. The hair that grows on us is like plants, and the skin from which this hair grows is like arable land, and the area of our body where hair does not grow is akin to … Read More


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Reiki Level 1 (Shoden) 22nd/23rd June. Meditation Workshop 6th July 10.00am-3.00pm Reiki Level 2 (Okuden) 20th/21st July