“It was lovely to meet you and I can’t thank you enough for a most wonderful special spiritual weekend 😊

Successfully received the recording, thank you 😊 Although I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet! It’s on my list for today. I have literally concentrated on the self-reiki every night and have practiced the breathing throughout the day – to be honest, the breathing has really helped with getting me through the day 😊 I find it extremely relaxing and re-energising – just what I’ve needed!

I’m hoping to attend the course again in Sept if possible – I will be in touch nearer the time. I would have liked to attend next weekend’s course however I have other commitments.

I’m definitely interested in Reiki Sharing group 😊I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to attend 18th August – I might be in Northern Ireland attending a Distributor’s Open Day – I’ll confirm nearer the time. Please keep me posted on other dates.

Once again thank you for a most spiritual and memorable couple of days and really looking forward to seeing you again soon.”

– Sara

“Hi Jenny. This is a belated thank you for the Shoden Course I attended on 14th January. We have just got a Rescue Puppy which has been a bit of a challenge and hence the delay. I have been sharing Reiki with friends and family and have also had a great experience with our new, very stressed puppy, she now sleeps on my lap when previously we couldn’t even pick her up!! She is now relaxed and calmer – it’s wonderful!! The course, the fellow students, the venue and most importantly ‘you’ made it very special.”

– Annie

“Hello Jenny. It is nice to read your email and hear your voice on Dropbox. I really like your clear, soft and cheerful voice! I enjoyed the Shoden course very much. During the course, the first time I felt the existence and effect of “Ki” and the benefit of meditation. Meditation and Reiki increase my feeling of peace and happiness.I found out that it is easier for me to meditate by using the method of east self-healing. Also, every time when I think about the prescript of Reiki, I feel calm and positive. I like the way you teaching. From the beginning to the end, I felt you were sharing thoughts, experience, peaceful energy etc. with us instead of taking a lecture. I also like the atmosphere of the course- small size class, nice and friendly classmates, nice music and the feeling at home. The study handbook and study materials in Dropbox are helpful. And I am glad that we can keep in touch after the course.”

– Dongni

“Hi Jenny. Thank you for another wonderful course. Your so warm and welcoming. The course was so informative and you impart your knowledge with so much love. Thank you very much. There is certainly a lot to the Okuden course, I feel I’m going to learn, feel, experience, benefit so much from this spiritual experience you have shared with us.”

– Maria

“This weekend I have just recently spent with Jenny and two lovely ladies completing Shoden. Reiki First Degree, was, I have to say, one of the most beautiful experiences I have encountered. I traveled from Devon to complete the course. I was drawn to Jenny from her website, I wanted to learn Reiki from somebody who lived Reiki, not in a classroom. When I got to Jenny’s home I was late, but automatically felt at ease. Jenny is a wonderful teacher with incredible knowledge, I shared 2 lovely days beginning to learn and open my my eyes to Reiki and what an amazing impact it has had on me as a person .I came away with a detailed manual and material in Dropbox to help with things we may forget, but for me, hearing Jenny’s calming voice instantly relaxes me. We can also contact Jenny for help, advice or even to say hello at anytime. Thank you Jenny for an amazing weekend and the beginning of my journey with Reiki.”

“Learning Reiki from Jenny was an absolutely wonderful experience. She is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I found her teaching of the original Japanese Reiki as opposed to the Westernized version amazing. It helped me incorporate Reiki into various aspects of my life. Having studied various holistic therapies I found this course to be of the best. Anyone who hasn’t tried Reiki yet I would urge them too. I can’t thank Jenny enough for how wonderful she was.”

– Balazs

“I found Jenny on a web search and was drawn to contact her as she was based near a friend. As soon as I rang and spoke to her I knew I had made the right decision. I attended a weekend shower course. She was warm and sincere.and was so passionate about Reiki. She is a great teacher and supporter whilst on the Reiki journey.”

– Vera

“Jenny provides a calm, and relaxed environment, which is very conducive, to immersing oneself in the Reiki experience. I recently joined the level two course, after completing the level one course, a year ago. In between, I have joined Reiki Shares. Jenny is able to impart masses of information, without it feeling overwhelming to the student. It feels more like an enjoyable time spent with like minded people, rather than a course. Jenny combines great practical experience with discussion.

Jenny is always available to support, on an ongoing basis, and encourages regular contact. Jenny invites us to sit in on courses, already undertaken, in the first year, following completion, free of charge, and as many times as we like. Jenny has wonderful intention, and “way”. I am very pleased I found her, to start my Reiki journey. A valuable consolidation experience.”

– Jane

“Thank you for such a life altering weekend! The course was well explained and set in the most wonderfully peaceful environment making it a truly memorable experience. I’ve come away feeling a changed person and can’t wait to start giving others treatments. Once again, thankyou so much. Really looking forward to seeing you and hopefully the others again. ”

– Georgie

“Thank you again for another wonderful course. The structure is very free flowing but very detailed and informative at the same time. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and passion shines throughout the course. Always impressed with your depth of knowledge. Again such a lovely welcome to your beautiful home. I feel I have gained new skills and moved forward with my Reiki journey. Thank you so much.”

– Maria

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am for you to have opened me up to the world of reiki. I thoroughly enjoyed the two days and took so much away with me that I have now incorporated into my daily routine – it just seems like a natural way of life now. Initially I was a bit nervous as I didn’t know much about reiki, but you made me feel completely at ease and relaxed. I admire how passionate you are about what you do and I look forward to seeing you more in the future.”

– Sarah

“The Shinpiden course was everything I hoped it would be… and more! Jenny is a knowledgeable and inspirational teacher. At this level there are many aspects of Reiki that can be thought provoking and challenging but Jenny gives you the tools to deal with this. I felt confident and empowered after the course and I look forward to continuing my journey with Reiki. Thank you Jenny for ‘walking’ with me.”

– Mike

“Last weekend I visited Jenny’s house to attend Reiki – 1st degree course. We were only 4 people there and Jenny. The room was very cosy and people lovely at first impression and soon I felt like being at home there. Jenny’ s approach is natural, honest and loving. I trusted her from very beginning and feel I found the right teacher for me still. Sharing energy with others was amazing and I enjoyed it a lot. It is so interesting to find out that reiki shared by different people feel so unique. Everyone is original, spiritually at different level and still we all can share the seme energy although it may feel different to each of us. Though there was one thing I did not expects. Our conversations during lunch break on Sunday were so vivid that we forgot about time completely. Due to this we did not receive last (4th) attunement. However thinking about it back now it does not matter as I can resit the course for free in next 12 months if I want, which is amazing. Moreover did extensive practical exercise. This course was one of the best things I did in last few years and I am looking forward to come again for 2nd degree when I am ready for it. I already feel my meditations are more intensive. Thank you Jenny and see you next year I suppose. Take care. Have a great weekend. May peace be with you.”

– Marek

“Jenny what a lovely person you are! You invited me into your beautiful home with such a warm welcome. I had completed a Western reiki 1 course with another teacher over a year ago but felt there was more I needed to know. I was drawn to you and your more traditional Shoden course and I am so glad I followed my intuition. You are a wonderful teacher, a free spirit and passionate about Reiki. Your passion, enthusiasm and knowledge you share with your students in a wonderful, relaxed and very informative way. I’m looking forward to studying Okuden with you. Thank you.”

– Maria

“Dear Jenny. Thank you so much for your lovely email and kind words. It was truly a very memorable and thought provoking weekend. I felt very privileged to be part of the Reiki course and involved in such a personal, intimate, well organised, sharing occasion, You were so good at making us feel very relaxed and able to be totally involved, so thank you.”

– Amanda

“Hi Jenny. Thank you for your e-mails. It was a really lovely weekend thank you. I felt very welcome and comfortable, you came across as someone with a lot of knowledge, professionalism and so much passion and belief in what you do. I really enjoyed it. I am sorry we were out of questions. I think for myself I was just trying to take in all the information you were giving us, at that moment and time, and not how to apply in my life at home. But I am sure I will have some questions in the not too distant future! For the moment I am just going to concentrate on the 21 day program. I have come away feeling I have lots to learn and practise, but I am not worried, I know I will learn all the symbols,meditations and mantras in my own time. I think the mp3 meditations will really help thank you again. I have been practising today, and was really pleased when doing Gyoshi that I did lose focus and everything went ‘liquidy’ I found this really powerful and it took me a few moments to come out of. Thank you for the invitation to the Reiki Share on the 2nd July, I’m afraid I will be away on our holiday so I won’t be able to make it this time. Thank you very much.”

– Tracey

“I have just recently completed the 2nd degree course with Jenny. Jenny is a wonderful teacher and immediately puts you at your ease. There was so much course content and I came away with a detailed booklet and various meditation exercises to listen to via dropbox. What I also like about Jenny’s approach is that the end of the course is not the end of meeting up with Jenny, as she offers regular reiki shares so that you feel you are really supported and will be able to continue on your reiki journey with Jenny’s help. I highly recommend Jenny for anyone wanting to explore the wonderful world of reiki, it will change your life.”

“I have just completed my shinpiden three day course with Jenny. I have spent the most amazing and enjoyable time both through learning and spending time in such lovely company. Jenny is patient, kind and teaches with a sharing philosophy which encompasses the Reiki experience. The course has exceeded my expectations, and allowed me to expand my future within Reiki. Thankyou Jenny for a fantastic experience and for the laughter and fun along the way.”

– Diane

“I highly recommend Jenny’s Reiki training.

Jenny offers a warm welcome and an inviting atmosphere to learn. I found that because I was so relaxed I was able to absorb the information easily. I’m still surprised at how much I remember without any effort at all.

I took Reiki level I (Shoden) earlier this year after spending many years learning and practicing other techniques. I’ve now also taken level II (Okuden) with Jenny and enjoyed it even more than level 1! While there was more to take in, I found Jenny’s methods so compatible with my ability to absorb detail. Her personality and sense of humour put everyone at ease.

One thing I really appreciate about taking my training with Jenny, was that her classes are just the beginning. I feel welcome to get in touch, join other classes and reiki shares at any time. I feel like I’ve joined a community. This also helped me to learn because I knew I could come back for refreshers or just ask questions later that year. There was no pressure to cram the information in over two days, though I feel like I did learn a huge amount anyway!

She also followed up immediately with support materials. Everything and more we learned was provided either in our packs or sent the next day.

Thank you again Jenny! I really look forward to the next Reiki share. Xx”

C Stewart, Bristol

“As of the quiet, if we listen, we can hear the whisper of the heart giving strength to weakness, courage to fear, hope to despair.”

– Howard Thurman