The Reiki Precepts are the essence of Reiki, they are our instruction for our daily Reiki practice, they are Mikao Usui’s original Precepts. There are many translations but the essence and instructions are the same, and mean the same.

DO NOT BEAR ANGER, for anger is illusion.

If we really look into this Precept and really understand what it is saying, then we realise that Anger comes from within, and is not real. No-one make us Angry we do that all by ourselves, by saying the mantra many times, we can learn not to react to Anger and find peace instead of violence.

DO NOT BE WORRIED, Fear is distraction.

Worry is destructive, it distracts from our daily life, and achieves absolutely nothing, as we cannot solve the worry, so why worry? Very often the outcome of the ‘worry’ is non-existent, so we go through the worry for nothing, making us unwell and distracted for no reason.


This Precept helps us to understand our true nature without fear. In life we sometimes put on a facade because we think (wrongly) that people will like us better. Being true to our nature is what Reiki is all about, because to be the facade we cannot find true peace.

SHOW COMPASSION TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS. This is the centre  of your essence.

Holding on to Anger and Worry destroys our compassion, in turn we then cannot be compassionate to other people, we cannot help anyone. So for the Precepts to really work we need to let go of Anger and Worry, meditating on them and fully understanding they are not real, will lay them to rest.