Touching and Reiki

When we touch or not touch during a reiki Treatment, where is our mind? Do we feel we must touch or not, do we raise our hands above a person and ‘hope for the best’?

No, we must be in our relaxed state of mind, practicing meditation and mindfulness, taught within the system of Reiki, our minds must not be distracted or healing will not take place.

When we become distracted our minds will wander and the energy will become weak, the treatment will become distant, ego will take over. This is not taught in the system of Reiki. Each and every person will feel the wonderful flow of energy, as we know the connection is already there, emanating light and kindness, without really doing anything.

So, the question is do

we perform ‘hand’s on healing’ or are we actually feeling much more? It’s been proved time and again, touch is lovely and comforting, so is ‘just being’ no thought, no trying to make something happen, letting go, realising that in our state of interconnectedness the energy emanates to and from us all.

When we understand and meditate on the Reiki Precepts, their meaning becomes much clearer, just ‘reading them or ‘saying them’ doesn’t enlighten us at all, really thinking about them and being ‘mindful’ does. Embodying them in this way is our essence, so ‘touching’ or not ‘touching’ is just a very small part of the teachings of Reiki, there is so much more!

The world needs us to emanate our great bright light, eventually this simple and gentle way of thinking will hopefully cure the world of ego, power and violence.