The Reiki Kanji (Japanese word) is very important and needs too be understood.

Rei is a very old word/kanji and is found in many ancient and esoteric teachings, it translates to ‘giver of life’ ‘Rice’ (for food) ‘fire’ to keep us warm and so on. Rei represents the five elements ‘Air’ ‘water’ ‘earth’ ‘fire’ and ‘spirit’ There are many layers within the five elements, exploring them and finding our own layer is an essential part of Reiki, meditating on them we connect naturally to nature.

What the Reiki Kanji tells us is the Shaman are performing a ritual to let it rain, the rain falls into 3 mouths/containers, these containers or mouths stand for Sanmitsu the 3 mysteries of mind, body, energy. The rain is of course, a spiritual rain which always falls down, it is Universal rain. This means we are the rain, it is touching us inside and outside and beyond, we always carry an umbrella when it rains, this represents the Precepts, fear, anger, worry and all the attachments we hold on to.

When we look at the Kanji we see the rain is falling onto Ki, we can see the rain is quenching the fire and creating steam, it nutures us and nourishes us, the meaning is that past teachings were more nutritious, not diluted as many have become over time.

What stimulates the fire? air of course, so by deep breathing we can burn away our anger, fear and worry. So the steam rises, and becomes rain again, a never ending circle, representing non judgement, alllowing the energy to go inward and to flow freely through our mind and body.

What the Kanji means at the end of the day is that it represents us, our emotions, and our true self.

I hope this makes sense!


‘Nature is man’s teacher. She unfolds her treasures to his search, unseals his eye,

illuminates his mind and purifies his heart. An influence  breathes from

all the sights and sounds of her existence’

Alfred Nobel