Silence of September and our Queen

Such change has happened to us all, our beautiful Queen has passed and a new era is about to begin with King Charles. Grief is a very personal emotion, the effect of grief cannot be predicted, we are all different. I feel truly inspired by our united country who admire the dedication, commitment and duty of the Queen. She never wavered did she? She really had no freedom, every day was full on, always for other people, she loved horses and dogs especially Corgis and I suppose she had joy with them and of course Balmoral. Some people say ‘well she had cooks, cleaners etc’. but she had no personal freedom did she? Duty was always first and foremost. She had a great sense of humour though, I saw the little film when she had tea with Paddington Bear and even produced a marmalade sandwich from her hand bag! Then there was the scene with Daniel Craig, she greeted him by saying “Good evening (or something like that!) Mr Bond, she had a huge smile on her lovely face.

Yes she was a good age and her destination was the same as us all, but the shock was and is profound. We will miss her physical presence, her smile, her twinkly eyes, she was with me all of my life.

I was born on the same day as King Charles ,14th November 1948, with seconds between us. My mum received a certificate and a box of food from the palace as all mums did who had produced a baby on that magical day. My certificate is lost unfortunately, but hey no worries!

RIP you now have freedom your Majesty.

September is for me a calm time before winter, the silence of September is always present in this month. Of course there are noises, but for me the calmness is there, we all start preparing the garden for winter don’t we, chopping and cutting back to make next year’s growth stronger, nature shows us the way as always.  It amazes me how nature fights back and brings balance once again. After our very hot and dry summer trees wilted, plants and flowers dried up the earth was so dry it was dangerous. Fires became prevalent, grass turned yellow, and all looked tired and wanting. We had a few little showers and once again the grass started becoming green again, trees looked alive again and the garden looked much healthier, my ponds are now fuller too, so that will please the frogs and newts!

This quote from Tao Teaching is very relevant.

  1. Do one thing at a time
  2. Do it slowly and deliberately
  3. Do it completely
  4. Do less
  5. Put space between things
  6. Develop rituals
  7. Designate time for certain things
  8. Devote time to sitting
  9. Smile and serve others
  10. Make cleaning and cooking become meditation
  11. Think about what is necessary
  12. Live simply

Love Jenny x