I was walking in the fields today and noticed a few trees changing colour, their leaves turning an Autumn red already? Seems very early to me. I also noticed that the lake was empty of the usual wild life, a few ducks sauntered by, a few Terns were ducking and diving for fish, a few Canada Geese were on the bank. The American Coots are nowhere to be seen, the swans have disappeared, and the whole lake looked sad. Maybe it’s a lull and is now a waiting game for the migrant birds to come back. The Swifts have already gone and soon the Swallows will be on their journey back to wherever they have come from. A long and perilous journey for them especially flying over Malta where they are shot and hunted.

Nature hangs in a balance, the breeding season was very poor this year, why I wonder? Will it recover and renew? I hope so.