Shoden, Reiki level 1. 3rd/4th August Training Course

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Shoden, Reiki level 1, is the beginning of your Reiki journey, and is all about ‘self’ (you). On this Reiki course which is known as The Entrance or Beginning, You will start to understand who you really are, you will be able, to treat yourself, friends and family, even pets, and so much more. Meditation is a big part of … Read More

Reiki and the Precepts


With all the terrible events that have happened over the last few months, it’s even more important to be compassionate to ourselves and others. This precept is perhaps the most ill-used and yet in every aspect of Reiki and it’s roots, compassion is the foreground of all the other precepts as it is in each one. Do not bear anger. … Read More

The Glory of Nature

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The glory of Nature. Looking at something so natural and beautiful is very balancing and nurturing. The connection to nature is empowering, we never feel alone. To capture this magnificence in a photo reminds us just how nature works. We humans think we know it all don’t we? That’s why we abuse nature and the fragile balance, we should leave … Read More


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Mountains and Divine Inspiration. Now and again it is necessary to seclude yourself among deep mountains and hidden valleys To restore your link to the source of life. Breathe in and let yourself soar to the ends of the Universe; Breathe our and bring the cosmos back inside. Next, breathe up all the fecundity and vibrancy of the earth. Finally … Read More

Divine Inspiration

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Little by little you must train yourself for life, for happiness. You probably received a college degree that you spent years working for, and you thought that happiness would be possible after you got it. But that was not true, because after getting the degree and finding a job you continued to suffer. Yoiu have to realize that happiness is … Read More


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Okuden the 2nd level of Reiki translates to ‘hidden’ teachings or the ‘Deepening’. Okuden takes us to a much deeper level within the roots of Reiki, developing our spirituality and inner essence. Mantras and symbols are involved in helping us understand the different levels of energy, they have no power of their own. They are in fact separate as the … Read More

Reiki & Violence

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Sharing the Reiki Experience

How do we deal with our emotions when something so horrific as the Manchester abomination happens? After the pain do we feel anger or compassion? Those of us who feel anger may retaliate on anyone who is Muslim when most are gentle people who have no violence and are probably feeling very vulnerable and exposed.    This quote by Thich … Read More

Jenny’s First Reiki Blog!


What is Reiki? Reiki’s true translation is ‘Spiritual Energy‘, it is all around us and within us. It’s a myth that Reiki only works through the hands, yes it does of course, but the hands are only a small part of what Reiki is. Reiki is in every pore of the body, we are Reiki. The benefits of the Reiki … Read More