Reiki and Violence

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Reiki and violence How do we deal with our emotions when something so horrific as the Manchester abomination happens? After the pain do we feel anger or compassion? Those of us who feel anger may retaliate on anyone who is Muslim when most are gentle people who have no violence and are probably feeling very vulnerable and exposed. This quote … Read More


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Reiki and perfection No one is perfect. We try, by practice, to be true and honest to ourselves and others, but we can fail miserably. Recently, Michael Stone, a renowned Buddhist teacher, died at the age of 42. He was revered and well known for his modern approach to Buddhist teachings. But…it turned out he was addicted to Fentanyl, a … Read More


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Technique for Purification of Spirit: Joshin – Focusing the mind Kokyu – Breath, respiration, inhaling, exhaling Ho – Method, Dharma, Principle. Joshin Kokyu Ho is a meditation or being mindful, it releases all tension from the body, bringing the mental focus to the Hara. It also translates as ‘The principle of pure mind/heart through working in harmony with the universe’. … Read More

The Three Levels of Reiki


Within the system of Reiki, three levels are taught. These are taken from ancient Japanese practices and esoteric teachings. Mikao Usui brought the teachings into modern life, giving them more structure and guidance. The first level is (Shoden) and means the ‘entrance’ or the ‘beginning’ and is the start of the student’s Reiki journey. Shoden teaches a student to ‘self-treat’ … Read More

Reiki and Meditation

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Reiki is meditation and meditation is Reiki, when we meditate we go deep inside ourselves, to the essence of who we truly are. It’s very easy to say ‘oh I meditate on a daily basis’, really? Having a special room for meditation is completely unnecessary, having a room means we are planning to meditate at a certain time, rather than … Read More


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|This Reiki article was written by my teacher Frans Steine. Very thought provoking. This is exactly how I teach my Reiki Courses, setting the student free to follow their own Reiki path. CONTROLLING MIND The other day I heard that a Reiki teacher had told one of their student teachers that they could not take part in a specific training … Read More

Reiki Sharing 24th August 10.00am -12.30pm Corsham, Wiltshire

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Reiki sharing groups are for all people interested in exploring Reiki, it is not necessary to have taken a Reiki Course to join the group. During the time period we discuss Reiki, Meditate, and have fu. Receiving and  performing Reiki for those who know how, and for those that don’t, is extremely rewarding and satisfying. Reiki is connection to all … Read More

Shoden, Reiki level 1. 3rd/4th August Training Course

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Shoden, Reiki level 1, is the beginning of your Reiki journey, and is all about ‘self’ (you). On this Reiki course which is known as The Entrance or Beginning, You will start to understand who you really are, you will be able, to treat yourself, friends and family, even pets, and so much more. Meditation is a big part of … Read More

Reiki and the Precepts


With all the terrible events that have happened over the last few months, it’s even more important to be compassionate to ourselves and others. This precept is perhaps the most ill-used and yet in every aspect of Reiki and it’s roots, compassion is the foreground of all the other precepts as it is in each one. Do not bear anger. … Read More

The Glory of Nature

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The glory of Nature. Looking at something so natural and beautiful is very balancing and nurturing. The connection to nature is empowering, we never feel alone. To capture this magnificence in a photo reminds us just how nature works. We humans think we know it all don’t we? That’s why we abuse nature and the fragile balance, we should leave … Read More