I have just read an article about the science of Reiki, all simplicity was taken out and became “electrical and magnetic” instead of looking into the simplicity of Reiki, scientific ‘mumbo jumbo’ was used. Really telling us what we already know, that energy is for everyone, it is all around us and within in. Why does it have to be scientific, its almost as if they have to ‘prove’ its existence. Sound was used also, and as we all know vibration is within us and ‘sound’ has a big effect on our wellbeing, sound together with Reiki combine to help our own bodies heal themselves, not always physically, but certainly on our emotional level. Sometimes all science need to be aware of is that something so pure as Reiki, energy or whatever, (labels again) needs no explanation, it just ‘is’.

It seems there has to be an explanation and proof for something to work, we know that isn’t true, because ‘feeling’ the intense and spiritual energy, needs no explanation, we all have the ability to feel this essence, some more than others. Reiki holds no contradictions or judgement, only love and kindness, when we feel this we heal on all levels.

Love and kindness and letting go provides us with compassion, without that essence, compassion won’t exist and therefore the world as we know it will continue to be violent and cruel, I will say the people or some  people always strive to be ‘powerful’ and full of ‘ego” which in turn becomes tragic and full of narcissistic, mysoginists  who only want more and more, there is no science in that statement!

So in conclusion, science can have its say, but mumbo jumbo is not Reiki, magnetic fields taken into consideration! When we feel relaxed and calm, positive and inspired we feel ‘uplifted’, when we feel stressed and anxious the feeling is like a jagged mountain. So when we treat ourselves with Reiki, we once again feel relaxed and uplifted. There is no science in that simple, honest and true system!