People often and almost always think a Reiki Treatment is all about touch, but looking closely at the teachings, touch is not mentioned. In ancient esoteric Japanese teachings, looking deep within ourselves and finding the moment of enlightenment, touch is not necessary, it really is a ‘state of mind’.

Our state of mind and that of the client during a Reiki Treatment is reciprocal, healing takes place with or without ‘touch’.

When we reach our state of mind, The Reiki Precepts take over:

No Anger

No Worry

Be Grateful

Be true to your way and being

Show compassion to yourself and others

When I am teaching a Reiki Course, I always sit opposite a student or they sit opposite each other and we really ‘let go’ without trying to make something happen. The energy will flow and the student very often feels a strong sense of relaxation and peace, this is without touch! I feel this too.

On each Reiki course, we chant the Reiki Kotodama, we are vibrational so Chanting brings us to life through sound. The Reiki Precepts chanted in Japanese is amazing and very healing, again there is no ‘touch’.

Touch in many Reiki Forms is very important, and of course it works. I am not here to judge what is right and what is wrong, if the teacher in whatever form of Reiki, practices what he or she feels is right then it will work.

We all have our own feelings and we must be very sure our open mind realises this is right for us and not compare to other forms. Opening our minds exploring our deeper layers, without ‘touch’ is another dimension, one which will not limit us, instead, as Thich Nhat Hanh taught we are inter-connected, so we must let our minds be free and realise, connection is the most important feeling, no ‘touch’ involved.

When we don’t involve physical action, the levels we can explore is mind blowing. We are just scratching the surface of life. Exploring more is without doubt, liberating and free flowing. Reiki is many dimensions.