|This Reiki article was written by my teacher Frans Steine. Very thought provoking. This is exactly how I teach my Reiki Courses, setting the student free to follow their own Reiki path.


The other day I heard that a Reiki teacher had told one of their student teachers that they could not take part in a specific training somewhere else, as it was not in line with the teacher’s viewpoint.

I personally find these things very sad to hear.

As a teacher, you do not own your student and/or teachers. In fact, the aim of a teacher is to set your student free and not try to control them. Of course, I do not use the words “your student” here in any kind of possessive way that suggests a feeling of “Mine! Mine! Mine!” We all are connected, but we do not “own” or “belong” to each other; rather, we hold each other in an open hand.

If the teacher or the organization they represent is becoming too controlling that means that their ego is at play, which in turn means that you as their student or teacher can not grow. In fact, you might even start to embody the same egotistic values as the teacher, which is not beneficial at all for your own personal spiritual growth.

As teachers, we have to be very careful that we are not controlling (or trying to control) our students or teachers. The only way to do that is as a teacher to be sitting on your meditation pillow and opening your mind. A controlling mind is very narrow-minded; hence it wants to control others.

Open your mind through your own personal meditation practice and teach your students how to fly. Don’t squeeze them into your narrow-minded box; open your hand and set them free.