I received this article today and thought you may like to read it and join if you wish. The destruction and lies are completely unacceptable from Putin, I try very hard to accept that he will change and peace will evolve. But will it? The violence to innocent and vulnerable people is horrendous. This was so when I went to Bosnia after the war 30 years ago, the UN were involved then but were under orders to do nothing to help as if they did it would no doubt escalate into another world war. At the time, I didn’t understand that theory, I do now. But…I don’t understand the senseless bombing, destruction and killing of innocent people, our planet is under a huge threat. We must at all times and all moments constantly shine out the light, the light is within us all, we must also practice Reiki, mindfulness and meditation especially on the Reiki Precepts.

No Anger
No Worry
Be true to who we are
Be Grateful
Show Compassion to ourselves and others.

This includes Putin and the Russian people who really don’t need the lies.