The Autumn is fast approaching, the trees are changing colour, the garden needs attention, the birds no longer sing their chorus as mating is over, nature preparing to rest. During this period it’s time for reflection and contemplation, looking back to the problems of this surreal year and really learning from it. For me it has given my Reiki Practice even more depth and understanding, this means viewing our very vulnerable world in a different way. We are nothing in the scheme of things, little people thinking we are powerful and in control, we’re not, humans are the source of abusing this wonderful planet mainly for power and money, with no thought of the future and the repercussions of their actions.
We must all therefore, do our ‘bit’ less plastic, less pollution, less violence and above all being kind to everyone. With the ‘lockdown’ came some advantages e.g. families walking together, children running through the woods and trees, making dens, imagination in overdrive, even picking up conkers to play with (this has been banned in schools in case of injury!!) When I was a child the conker season was amazing, we would put holes in them, put string in and off we would go to war! No-one told us not to do it for fear of injury, it was wonderful. Trees were also climbed, right to the top looking out at the world without fear of falling, looking at the universe from a Birdseye perspective, free and natural, Health and Safety didn’t exist!
Our Reiki practice, whether you have taken a Reiki Course nor not, is essential for our wellbeing, to be mindful centres us and relaxes us, so we are then able to think of others with no expectations, our practice must be for everyone, only this way of thinking can bring peace, no past, no present, no future. Compassion from the depths of our being will illuminate us and the world, the great bright light of our being shinning.
The quote below says it all:
‘You can enjoy your practice, but practice just for yourself is not good enough. If you practice just for yourself, you attach to the idea of getting something from practice. Then your expectations are endless, and you will never find peace. So your practice must be for everyone; you, other people, birds, trees, and all beings. Just plunge in and take care of what you have to do right now, before you think of yourself. When you make the effort to practice for all beings, something wonderful gives forth from every pore of your body. You don’t know what it is, but it is a really great help. You can help other people in this way, and you can also help yourself. Then whatever situation you are in, you experience a feeling of being completely present, very stably and securely, and you realize that a great power is supporting your life. That is spiritual security’.
Each Moment is the Universe
Zen and the way of being time
Dainin Katagiri