The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Kindness is a noun. It also means that we don’t expect anything in return.

I thought I would write about Ukraine and then thought we don’t need more ‘doom and gloom’ so although I am helping in any way I can for the poor people of Ukraine I still need some help in being positive.

Kindness is all about our secret life, being kind to someone or a situation isn’t about telling people how kind we have been, it’s about being in that moment and not judging. Being kind comes from within, it is simple and instant. For some people being kind needs work, for others being kind is in their hearts and is an automatic emotion. No thought just action.

So why don’t we set a time for us all to send kindness together as a group? Sending compassion and empathy also. Sending these lovely elements to the planet and Ukraine. Maybe to Russia also, as they are suffering also.

So shall we make a date for the morning of the 7th March? At 11.00am, it doesn’t matter if you can’t make that time, time is irrelevant.

The word Oligarch derives from Ancient Greek, meaning ‘The rule of a few’

Love Jenny

Reiki Oligarchs and Kindness