Reiki, and the power of Breath. Meditation.


We have survived another Christmas! And it never ceases to amaze me just how much is given, when I was a child many, many years ago the excitement was all consuming! My siblings and I had a stocking each filled with an orange, a nut, a bit of chocolate, and a kaleidoscope. That was it, and then we had one big present, we loved what we had and enjoyed lovely food.

It seems these days, the more you have the more you want. Being grateful for what we have goes on the back boiler. The Precept ‘being grateful’ means we embrace who we are and what we have, however little, and not to compare with what others have.

The power of breath is so important within the system of Reiki. To breathe deeply (Joshin Koku Ho) is to be in the moment, the only moment. Deep Breathing is essential to health and well-being, we obviously can’t do this all of the time as we would get very dizzy! Our organs and inner-self become relaxed and energised. Breathing correctly will take us to a deeper level and will take away the fear and instead we become more balanced and free.

When we meditate we reduce stress and anxiety, together with the deep breathing and meditation, we notice our thoughts in a less judgmental way. It’s a fact that using the breathing techniques and meditation can improve our way of life, helping us to improve memory.

Our brains need stimulation in a natural way.

Reiki and its roots are now becoming accepted in many hospitals and mental health hubs, the research shows in scientific studies that it can be a very effective pain reduction as well as reducing anxiety and depression. All the techniques in this Blog will help us control our mood and help us to have a much better way of life.

We need to work and practice these techniques, the discipline is essential. Going to the Doctor to get a pill for spiritual reasons are not necessary, we need to look deep inside ourselves and become our true nature, then we will find the answers.

Jenny Newman