Hello friends

In many ways being organic whether it’s in the garden, or  in our lives, it is always there. Due to  industrialisation in the early 19th century, a large population lived and worked in cities, probably in appalling conditions. We needed food, but we also had a couple of wars to fund, being organic then, would have been a problem as food production was the most important point at that time. So much toxic chemicals were poured into the land, the thinking was quantity instead of quality.

Since those times we have understood, or at least many of us have, that putting toxic chemicals into the earth upsets the balance of nature, this includes insects such as bees, wasps even flies, which in turn puts the wild birds in jeopardy, so it is a ‘knock on effect’. An organic way of life is the natural way, the balance restores as it should.

Reiki is organic, Reiki is kind, Reiki is compassionate, Reiki restores the balance in a natural way. Our daily practice is essential to keep the balance, doing our little bit to restore this troubled world. All is not serious, there are little windows of joy and laughter, looking at life in a serious way only makes us miserable, yes of course we must be concerned but we only have one life to lead and light and joy is just as important. Reiki keeps us balanced and the joy is there if we let it in, the light, the great bright light is also there, it’s touchable if we really ‘let go’ and be true to our nature.

If we feel loved we will love in return, if we feel stressed we will return stress, so it’s not ‘rocket science’ to understand. The system of Reiki is our joy, laughing is our joy, watching nature is our joy, we only need to look out of the window and experience the natural world organically, it’s not so much what we do but how we do it.  We are honour bound to  look after our world, after all we are the guardians.

In conclusion, Reiki and our practice will help to restore the damage we humans have done to the planet. If we feel this, then so much more energy and kindness will fill the earth, restoration will then become reality instead of abuse.

Jenny Newman
Senior Reiki Teacher

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