I don’t know about you, but all the media news seems too be doom and gloom, it is very depressing and frustrating to see this on TV constantly. Surely there are other problems happening in the world which are not being addressed, such as child poverty, torture, people losing their homes to war, these events are just as important as this wretched virus. All the media are doing is installing panic, of course we have to be careful and avoid situations that put us at risk, but most people are sensible and will do the right course of action for them.

It seems almost every aspect of our lives and working life, is affected, people losing their jobs for one, travel compromised, companies going out of business, such as airline, cruises, holidays, not going away or staying in our homes is not going to stop this. We need to connect to each other for support as I think the Government haven’t got a clue, all we are told is that the NHS can cope……can they?? They are already pushed to the limit, it’s ridiculous to think otherwise. My son was taken by ambulance to our local hospital a week ago, it was absolute bedlam, trolleys everywhere in the corridors, hardly any Doctors or nurses, and very sick people coughing and sneezing over everyone else. The Paramedics were doing the Doctors jobs, one told me that it’s normal to be like this and it’s getting worse.

When there is a crisis we need to up our daily practice of Reiki, meditate, be mindful, follow the Precepts and above all enjoy our practice. Go deep within, finding the light and letting go of things we can’t change. For me, Reiki is my life and carries me through all the problems we have, very simply and peacefully.

So look at life in a positive way, which will win in the end. Self -Treat and be in the moment, the only moment.



Love Jenny x