No one is perfect, we try by practice, to be true and honest to ourselves and others, but we can fail miserably. Recently Michael Stone a renown Buddhist teacher died at the age of 42. He was revered and well known for his modern approach to Buddhist teachings. But….. It turned out he was addicted to Fentanyl a very destructive drug, he also had Bi Polar. No one knew the demons he held inside, people tried to emulate him, to live like he did in the ‘perfect’ way.
How difficult his two lives were, living the ‘perfect’ life on one hand but living his secret life on the other. He must have been at odds with himself constantly, but his Buddhist practice must have helped him but unfortunately, it didn’t save him.
I read somewhere that the Dalai Lama is human also! He was teaching a group of people about emptiness, it was a long explanation apparently. After the lecture, someone asked a question saying he didn’t understand any of it even though the Dalai Lama had spent a long time explaining it. He became agitated/angry and didn’t answer the question.
He came back in the afternoon and gently explained the morning’s lecture. He must have reflected on his agitation and realised he needed to put it right, and answer the person’s question without agitation/anger.
So when we look at people and envy their perfect lives it might be a good idea to realise that no-one is perfect, but looking at ourselves and living life honestly and true, we at least acknowledge our own imperfections.
No Anger
No Worry
Daily Reiki Practice, Practice, Practice is essential.