What do we mean by ‘living’? We could say that as we are breathing we are living, if we’re not breathing we have passed on. But living is also about the Earth, the Earth is ‘living’ it produces living matter, always evolving with vitality and strength, producing and re-producing. The Earth is in us, it is in everything, it is alive and we are part of that great and amazing cosmos, the unbreakable circle of life.

The Reiki teachings are also within this unbreakable circle, the continuation of life, we are protected. We must protect back, as our well-being and life is reciprocal if we are not balanced the Earth won’t be either.

When we look at Anger we become a different ‘self’ as anger builds we lose sight of ourselves, we lose the ’joy’ in our lives. Joy, love and peace is essential to survive in this mad world, we need to understand and transform anger, violence and all the other stresses in our lives into love and peace.  Reiki has all the tools, so use them for yourself and ‘live’ in the moment.

Our Earth needs us. Nature needs us, life needs us. Future generations need us.

On a lighter note, what do we feel and see when we look at mountains, rising up from the earth and almost reaching the heavens, In ancient Japanese teachings this is called ’Fudo Myo’ which translates to Tall, Strong, Powerful, Solid. It also relates to to being unmovable and can be represented by the Buddhist Deity ‘Shingon’ and Shinto practices. There are many statues involved also, not of mountains but of people looking very angry and wrathful!!

What do we feel when we are on the sand in bare feet, feeling the sand between our toes and the sound of the ocean, the waves gently crashing onto the shore? The feeling of ‘living’ of being alive, of feeling the strong connection? When I am on the coast and walking with the sea beside me, I feel peaceful and full of love for our incredible earth, the ever-changing scenery, the impermanence, and the life within.

Reiki changes our mindset, giving us another dimension one of connection, kindness and love, the simplicity is amazing. We walk tall, being true to our nature with pride.

Quote: (Tibetan)

Remember the clear light,

The pure clear white light

From which everything in the universe comes,

To which everything in the universe returns

The original nature of your own mind,

the natural state of the unmanifest universe.

Let go into the clear light, trust it, unite with it.

It is your own true nature, it is home.


Love Jenny