Throughout my Practice in Reiki, I have often been asked about colour, people and students sometimes say they don’t see colours so Reiki is not working, of course it is! We don’t all see colours when meditating or practicing Reiki, why should we? We are all different. This way of thinking is distracting our minds from our spiritually, thinking like this means we are not being true to ourselves or Reiki. We need ‘nothing’ when practicing Reiki, each moment will be different from the last moment, so we cannot predict how we will feel, remember it is simplicity. So many ‘modern’ Reiki practitioners and teachers seem to think the more that is added on such as ‘spirit guides’ ‘Angels’ symbols etc. will create a more powerful system, we in the Original system know that isn’t so.  Colours are lovely but not essential to our Practice.

When we see or visualise ‘emptiness’ (Noun) what are we really seeing? For me ‘emptiness’ describes a wonderful blue sky, a sea that is calm, nature in its glory, Reiki, when a space is ‘empty’ there is always movement and light we have this illusion that ‘empty’ has nothing in the space, everything has something. It‘s just a word, not an adjective because it doesn’t actually describe anything, we complicate the word because these words are programmed in our minds from birth aren’t they? Labels

The colour ‘black’ is also programmed in our minds, most of us describe the colour black as Evil, that Evil things happen in the blackness or the dark, in the black night stars shine, the moon shines there is always light, there is always balance, it’s impossible not to have one without the other. Remember ‘Black’ is a colour just as acceptable as for example, blue, yellow, green etc. Never be afraid of the colour black, see it as another colour instead of labelling it.

What is ‘Evil’?  It is very often described as Profoundly immoral and wicked. This word is in our own distracted mind, we could use another description such as Power and Ego which is the route to destruction, cruelty and wickedness. The description is not ‘Evil’ the word is not tangible we can’t touch it, we create the name in our mind, it seems to be an excuse for people or a person to disregard love and kindness for power, this mind-set manifests itself to others making them think and act in the same way, and they randomly use the word to create violence and power, for their own Ego.

In conclusion, the human person dictates the violence by their own hand, not by some word conjured up. We must explore and practice and realise we make our own rules, so we need to make these ‘rules’ simple by feeling the light and emanating the light to the world and the universe, emanating kindness, emanating gentleness, emanating the Reiki Precepts.  Being True to our own nature without distraction or doubt.

living our life instead with:

No Worry

No Anger

Be your true self

Be grateful

Show compassion to yourself and others

These Precepts are instructions for our lives, no emptiness, no blackness, just light, connection and unification. Always look behind a word and really understand the meaning, very often we can be surprised at what we find!

Love this quote: