Hello friends

I read recently an article from someone who commented on  why we shouldn’t always read quotes as they could cause harm.

In my humble opinion I think reading quotes takes us to a deeper level, whatever the quotes say surely we should read them and decide for ourselves what they truly mean? To say something could ‘be harmful’ is making a judgement on all of us, we are all individuals with our own ‘take’ on  life, we are all connected of course, but that doesn’t mean we all think in the same way. Interpretation is open to us, whatever the thoughts that follow, no-one should instruct us not to read something, saying it could be harmful, that is making a judgement and ego becomes powerful.

With all the media news at the moment, we are relying on guidance from those who we think know better than us, but that doesn’t stop us forming our own opinions does it? We may not have the knowledge and background of Government and scientists, but we do have our own instincts and intuition and most of us rely on these.

Life is all about being true to ourselves, the challenge is always to believe this whether we’re right or wrong. It’s not for anyone to judge us, we stand tall in our belief and being true to who we are will not sway us to think otherwise.

Reiki has all the answers, we just have to practice and be mindful of this fact.

Creating peace

So in conclusion, always think for yourselves, be honest with yourself, be kind, be grateful, feel compassion. Life is one big challenge, but changing our mindset to no anger, no worry and being true to who we are, will be the answer to our problems as long as we have Reiki and our Practice.