Hi all friends

I thought I would talk a bit about impermanence, life is never permanent is it, we change, the weather changes, each moment changes. We often try to hang on to what we understand is permanent because we feel safer and comfortable with what we call the same routine. Impermanence means that nothing remains there same in two consecutive moments. Thich Nhat Han said in his book ‘The Art of Living’ that we can’t bathe in the same river twice, the river is always flowing, so when we get out of the river and climb on to a bank, when we go back in the river to bathe again the water has changed, as we have. Our thoughts, feelings and perceptions are also changing from one moment to the next. Once we have accepted the reality of impermanence, we also have to accept the truth of no-self”

Great explanation isn’t it? When we look at emptiness we think there is nothing there, in reality we need to really ‘see’ the nature of emptiness in ourselves and others, this is impermanence, nothing remains the same on any level. The more we ‘look’ the deeper we will understand.  This will bring compassion, freedom and no-fear.

When we really look into the system of Reiki all of these elements make sense, we practice everyday  and each moment is different, like the river, sometimes when we meditate our minds can be busy, other times we relax into the meditation and enjoy. Proving again that each moment is impermanent, nothing will be the same. When we share Reiki with a person, each time will be different, most people think it will be the same but of course it won’t be. We need to really understand this and not try and grasp the last moment but move on. It’s the same perspective when someone is ill, anxious, dying or in pain, all these elements  move on, so we could spend a lot of time worrying about the person who has these things and find that worrying will not solve their issues, the next moment perhaps they will feel better, even pain is impermanent.

When we look at birth, we can also see death, beginning and ending , creation and destruction. When we are born we have a birthday, but our creation was a long time before the physical birth, it is a moment of continuation, after all we were in our mothers womb  for nine months, and before that we were attached to our grandparents and beyond, those little cells continue in impermanence.

Oh we could go on and on with this, but it will become heavy, please comment with your own thoughts.


‘Nature is man’s teacher. She unfolds her treasures to his search, unseals his eye, illuminates his mind and purifies his heart. An in fluency breathes from all the sights and sounds of her existence’ Alfred Noble.

Another Quote:


‘The present moment is always fading into the past, the future becomes the present. These moments are like the beads of a mala. No two women ts can exist at the same time. We may have a memory of the past or a thought of the future, but these always occur during the present moment of consciousness. During  the present moment, past and future are emptiness. These concepts are without reality. But if past and future are emptiness how could ‘present’ be other than emptiness? The concept of ‘long’ means nothing without ‘short’. Long and Short are based on each other and therefore have no reality of their own. Similarly, since ‘present’ is based on ‘past’ and ‘future’ again it has no reality of its own. The present is only seemingly  here,  its an illusion.’ DZIGAR KONGTRUL RINPOCHE


Love Jenny x