Since my last Blog about looking and taking responsibility for ourselves and our health, I have had an accident! I fell down the stairs and had a head injury plus a fractured bone in my neck and below my C2. Of course I gave myself Reiki throughout, but… as I previously mentioned we have to be sensible and work with western medicine when needed. Life force is animate and we must learn from this, to sow a seed will become a plant, flower or whatever, the seed knows what to do to become living, vital matter. There is vitality in everything: We radiate vitality, often not knowing what it is.

My accident made me realise that even though I have broken bones, my mental attitude is one of calm and compassion to myself. I understand that Reiki’s life force is with me, however, I still need the help of professional medics, otherwise my bones will not heal. So we need to understand that Reiki will help us both mentally and physically, through meditation and hands on healing.

Being sensible and accepting that sometimes we need more vital help than we perhaps thought is understanding that we need to respect other ways without judgment, we have the freedom to do this without shame. I respect the knowledge of my Consultant, and I will listen, we will go forward with both Reiki and Western Medicine, we must train our thoughts and walk as a free person.

We also must be ourselves and for me recognising I need help from other sources is liberating and humbling. None of us have the ego and power to cure, what we do have is the simplicity of non-judgment and acceptance.

Love Jenny x

The 5 elements cover all of this, really look and meditate on them.

Reiki and Health