I don’t know about you, but during the bitterly cold weather did you discover new things when walking with nature? I discovered new feelings of stillness and awareness in the world around me, walking slowly and really looking at life in the natural world. The busy squirrels, the chirping of the birds, even ~Monkjacks running for cover, Blackbirds chasing each other and the single little Robins singing away in the wind.

When the snow came the silence was wonderful, before the world awakened the snow was pristine and new, only the crunching of my boots made any sound, when I stood for a moment in that silence the connection to all life was palpable. We can invite silence for ourselves, just by being in the moment and naturally meditating, there really is nothing like it. Forget material things, forget money, forget built up anxiousness, forget anger, forget worry. None of these matter when we fall silent in that moment, kindness and compassion take over, and above all freedom, our spirit is free and overflowing with kindness and compassion.

In my last Blog I mentioned the power of the breath, Joshin Koku Ho, breathing in light and energy throughout our bodies.

By performing the deep breathing of Joshin Koku Ho we can find ourselves naturally practicing Hatsurei-Ho, this meditation is an essential part in the Japanese system of Reiki.

The translation of Hatsurei -Ho is this:

Hatsu – to arise, to give birth, to reveal what is hidden.

Rei – spiritual abilitiy

Ho – Dharma, method, ultimate truth.

So the translation as a whole means to ‘direct greater amounts of spirit’ it actually represents Symbol 1 and grounding.

Focus your attention on your Hara. Raise your hand to the sky. Imagine energy filling from above in to your body and cascading into your hands. Release all tension from your body and Bring your mental focus on your Hara. Begin the deep breathing of Joshin Koku Ho.

Now move your hands into Gassho (prayer position) middle fingers touching. Now focus your awareness again on your Hara, moving energy in and out in time  with your breath. Breathe in and draw the energy through you hands into your body and into your Hara. Imagine the energy filling your Hara and as you breathe out flood the energy back through your body and out of your hands, exhaling over your fingertips. Get into a nice gently rhythm in your own time.

This meditation is very old and embody’s Mikao Usui’s teachings, it is still used today.

It is very important to have special stillness moments to strengthen and improve our spiritual ability within Reiki and within ourselves. We can embody these moments anywhere easy and night. We don’t have to create a special room, only if you want to, but in my opinion for what it’s worth, when the moment arises this is when we really feel the power of silence.