I thought  within this Blog I would talk a bit about grief and what it means. We have all suffered during these ‘lockdowns’ we had to slow down, and because we have slowed down we see and understand more about life, more about nature and more about the abuse of our planet. Todays news regarding Afghanistan is appalling, violence against women, children and the male population is palpable and horrendous.

So looking at grief we can see that it encompasses all aspect of life, not just losing someone. Thich Nhat Hanh states this in his book ‘The Art of Living’

” If we have lost someone who is very close to us and we are grieving, the concentration of emptiness helps to look deeply in ways  which they still continue. They are still with us in a different form.

In the light of emptiness and interbeing we know that they have not died or disappeared: They continue in their actions and within us. We can still talk to them, saying we know you are there, I’m breathing for you, I’m smiling  for you, I enjoy looking around with your eyes, I know you are still there very close to me and that now you continue in me:”

Such wise and gentle words and very true.

We always think of Grief as someone dying don’t we, but as I said above, it’s not just about losing someone it’s about life and continuation. We all have to do our little bit, that’s all we can do, we can blame government for our situation, but that’s all it is’ blame’ there always has to be someone to blame. The planet is in dire straits, who do we blame? ourselves? Other people? Or do we all contribute to all these difficulties? I think the latter, what do you think?

The state of the poor in this country as well abroad is shocking, we could call that grief, or we could be practical and try to help. Terrorism and fanatics don’t always have to win, education is so important, but if that is taken away then all that is left is medieval  justice, life moves on, remember we are impermanent. Each moment has to mean something, no past, no present, no future. This moment is the only moment.

Love Jenny x