I am often asked by students ‘what is distant healing’, they sometimes think that there is a special way to ‘send’ healing and is it directed to one person. Actually when we think of a person, situation, life becomes ‘one’ with all things. The connection is already there, and that means in essence to everything and everyone. Sitting in meditation, the energy flows without us doing anything, we are the Universe and the Universe is them. Of course we need to do this with love, kindness and compassion, sitting in the space empty of wild thoughts and anxiety is liberating for all of us. This connection has no giver and no receiver, there is no Ego no Power just oneness to all things.

Very special isn’t it? We can all do this whether we have taken a Reiki Course or not, always remember we are all Reiki, attunements mean nothing, they are just power tools which has no place within the system of Reiki.

There is a lovely visualisation called the Tree, which helps with the mediation as it is a meditation in its own right.

  1. Visualise a tree of your choice.


  1. Place your hands either side of the tree.


  1. Feel the life of the tree pulsating through your hands.


  1. Step inside the tree and feel the essence and vibrancy within.


  1. Take some deep breaths of Joshin Koku Ho.


  1. Visualise someone or a situation that you love or not.


  1. Feel the person enter the tree facing you.


  1. Put your hands in the person, feeling their spirit.


  1. Now step inside the person becoming ‘one’ with them.


  • You are now feeling the energy and connection, love, kindness and compassion.


  • Be in this moment for as long as you like.


  • Now feel the person starting to withdraw and eventually leaving the tree.


  • It is time for you also to leave, step outside and thank the tree.


This is ‘distant healing’ without really doing anything

The Precepts are a major part of this mediation

If you hold on to Anger and Worry you can’t be true to who you are, Compassion will be compromised, so in essence being free of anger and worry will allow our connection to be even stronger. Let go and let the bright light shine within you radiating to the planet and the universe.

With all the dreadful things going on it’s even more important that we help, Reiki is the key, distant healing is also the key. I dislike the words ‘distant healing’ as really there is no such thing, all we have to do is be true to ourselves, meditate love and kindness then all will be well.

Spend some time understanding nature, look closely at the new life, birds flirting with each other ready for nesting, bulbs of daffodils, aconites, snowdrops growing for us all to see, lifting our spirits. Nature is us.