Reiki and Covid-19

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Hi everyone

Things are starting (sometimes) to get back to some normality, and then BANG changes again . However I am now sharing Reiki Treatments, and Teaching again , all COVID-19 precautions are covered, everyone unfortunately will have to wear a mask, bring their own cups/water etc. Sanitising frequently, but… with this in place we can at least meet people or a person and perform Reiki. I think the free online Reiki Sharing will continue, we have now got Fibre so they will be even better. It would be good if any of you that have attended could give  a testimonial for me, and maybe put it on Google? I need all the help I can get at the moment.

All levels of Reiki are now available, contact me on for information, to help you I’ll give some dates.

Reiki 1, Shoden is on the 15th/16th August.

Reiki 2, Okuden is on the 19th/20th September

Reiki 3, Shinpiden is on the 3rd/10th/17th August.

Reiki 1, Shoden is on the 3rd/4th October.

I think in these surreal times, we need to reflect on what is right for us, an advantage of these times is that we all have more time for reflection. Nature is still there, balancing, reproducing, doing it’s thing, to stop and watch nature is truly inspiring and liberating. Life has to go on , we have to go forward, and yes it may be different to what we are used to but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong, impermanence is life, so welcome changes and adapt. There will be light, the earth strong beneath our feet, centering and grounding us.

The Reiki Precepts are even more important than ever.

Just For today (just for this moment) is the only moment.

We need to understand that moments are mindfulness, the moment is real, it is the light within us.

Quote from Thich  Nhat Hanh

“We cannot enjoy life if we spend our time and energy worrying

about what happened yesterday and what will happen tomorrow”

So living in the ‘moment’ we have no Anger, No Worry, we are being true to who we are,

being Grateful without attachment

Showing Compassion to ourselves, and showing Compassion to others.

Quote from Frans:



Great words of wisdom. Reiki is our true self. We are Reiki.



7 Comments on “Reiki and Covid-19”

  1. Thanks Jenny for the kind updates, and well done for your perseverance amid these less than ideal working conditions! Its heartening to know that people like yourself are keeping on keeping on and I wish you and all your clients, friends and family all the very best getting through the (hopefully) final stages of the pandemic.

  2. Hi Jenny.
    As requested, I’m replying to your blog post. It was simple to get to the comments box after reading the blog.
    Hopefully , when I press submit the comment will stay. 😃
    Thank you , as always for your very thoughtful blog.
    Kind wishes, Debbie.xx

  3. Hi Jenny, please that you are able to provide Reiki in these strangest of times. It is particularly important to help put one back in balance.

  4. Your online Reiki shares have been a lifeline during the lockdown. Thank you for keeping these going and being there for all of us Jenny! I really look forward to the in-person Reiki share sessions and meditation groups. I also thoroughly enjoy your blogs/emails – they help put everything into perspective especially during these unusual times. x

  5. Hi Jenny,
    Even amongst the ubiquitous Covid-19 precautions you offer thoughtful insights into managing the increased anxiety and uncertainties some people are feeling. Regardless of the catalyst for those emotions you have shown by example once again how the precepts help guide and support us.
    Thank you for your guidance and wisdom,
    I look forward to continuing along a path.

  6. Hi Jenny I always enjoy reading your BLOG and emails too. Glad that Reiki can now begin to get back to normal again. I hope to join you for the next Reiki share.

  7. Jenny always lovely to read your blog. You have a way of saying just the right thing, and your words And thoughts bring a little bit of extra light into my day.
    Im so happy to hear you are able to get back to your teaching and Reiki practice. I have found my Reiki a great comfort over the last few months and I’m truly grateful to you for that. So thank you x

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