In these surreal times how are we coping? The majority of people seem to be relaxing into this situation, life is taking on a different meaning. For the first time in a very long time, life, nature, and kindness seem to be palpable and sincere, smiles in stead of frowns! For some life will never be the same again, businesses struggling, finances limited, redundancies, income non existent. Grief for lost loved ones, loneliness, have all to be addressed with compassion, love and kindness.

Nature is recovering and blooming at last, we seem to think we own this world, we don’t, we are a very small part of it. The sky is bluer than it has been for a very long time, the air is fresh and crisp, without pollution, the trees are much greener and healthier, the birds and their young thriving. Although the Blackbirds, especially the male, are very territorial, and have spats with each other in the air, while the female looks on with distain.  No change there then, we humans are very good at having g ‘spats’! So looking at the world in this lockdown what do we see and think? Do we really want the life we had before lockdown, or are we seeing the world in a new way, a better way perhaps? Having the time at last to really live and really love, seeing nature for what it is without abuse or violence, allowing recovery and balance again, because Nature always fights back without us interfering.

For me this situation has given me the time to grieve for my son, to relive special memories with love, understanding too, the suffering of my daughter at her brothers loss, and the suffering of his children also. Sometimes emotion is hard to share but showing compassion for ourselves is first and foremost, then we can show compassion to others, the Reiki Precepts tell us this, they are our instructions for life.

Dealing with the gloom of this virus, will strengthen us within, meditating moments so important, looking at this situation as hopefully cleansing the world. Who knows what the future will bring, the important thing is to live in this moment without rancour and prediction, feeling the strength and the roots under our feet, being centred  and balanced.

The teachings of Mikao Usui are very relevant at this time, our daily practice so very important, we have the tools to take us forward to the light.