Reiki is an essential part of our wellbeing, calming our minds and our inner being, with all the rules and changes at the moment our inner selves needs the light shining on us, to help us and support us. We are being hugely challenged, our way of life has changed enormously, no longer can we hug or embrace other people without thinking ‘we might catch the virus’ even going shopping is an effort, what with queuing and sanitising, no longer can we just ‘pop’ into the supermarket or shop without all these rules. I’m not saying we shouldn’t do them, what I am saying it’s a new way of life which has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Some of us have lost people we love and the grief is all consuming, especially as funerals and send offs are practically non-existent. We each have to mourn in our own way, our emotions all over the place, friends try to help but at the end of the day, the grief is ours, it can be very lonely.

So as the quote above says, we have to let go and be free, difficult I know but clinging to sadness and depression will not solve anything, only making us unwell and stopping us going  forward. Remember the Precepts NO ANGER, NO WORRY, BE TRUE TO OURSELVES, BE GRATEFUL, SHOW COMPASSION TO OURSELVES AND OTHERS.

The past has gone and we can only learn from it, the present is moving always, and the future is not here, this moment is the only moment, changing our mindset will bring freedom.

Be like the mountains, solid and firm, Fudo Myo .

Love and Peace to us all

Jenny xxx