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I am often asked about Reiki and Chakras, I am also asked if I Chakra Cleanse! Introducing Chakras to Reiki with the notion that we can somehow invigorate them is quite frankly, nonsense. This notion has been introduced in the West and as such, made the system of Reiki complicated.

I was asked by a student if I could balance her Chakras as she was told by a Practitioner that they were blocked! How did this Practitioner know this? Did she/he have Xray eyes? Of course she/he didn’t, and as a result the student was traumatised, she felt invaded by negativity, almost to the point that she thought she had some hideous disease! We must be very careful when discovering something new within the system of Reiki, it is essential we get out facts right as we could be the cause of someone’s deep distress. Here is an article by Frans Steine (my teacher) which you may find interesting.


if, like me, you would like to know where things come from and how they were viewed in their original context, read this.

‘What’s Reiki practice got to do with chakras? Well, nothing, really, in the original Japanese context of Usui-sensei’s teachings. But in the West, descriptions of chakras are often made part of modern Reiki curricula giving new students the impression that this is very much what Reiki practice is about: the healing of energy centres (if we can call them that; for clarification, read the article). This may have come from an inclination to systematize the practice and develop “healing recipes” for greater effectiveness. (Read: in an attempt to control the outcome of a session.)

Having said that, what’s wrong with a practice changing over time? Well, nothing, really, as long as the changes are based on experiences which have been found to be beneficial. But even so, when it comes to Reiki we should first know what’s what: what the practice is about and how Usui-sensei set it up and why. And then decide whether the beneficial changes are necessary and still in line with the essence of the practice.

Moreover, Reiki students should also know that, in spite of what they claim, these modern ways of looking at the chakras have more to do with Western occultism than ancient teachings, and often reflect some misunderstandings.

So if we’re going to introduce something new into our Reiki practice, then we should at the very least, understand as much about it as we can and assure ourselves of its validity’.

If we look at the Precepts and

No Anger.

No Worry

Being True to ourselves

Being Grateful

Showing Compassion to Ourselves and Others

The answer is before us.


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