Whenever we hear or see a situation where someone is unhappy, what do we do? Do we look the other way and ignore the problem, or do we dig deep in side looking for, and feeling compassion? Being kind includes ourselves, treating ourselves kindly and taking care of ourselves, then to be happy and kind to other people.

Very often when we hear something tragic like the death of Caroline Flack, what are our thoughts? Are we sad? Are we envious of her success? Her success was very vulnerable, she felt she had lost everything, was Social Media to blame? Or was her mental health ignored? To take your own life in such tragic circumstances, is quite frankly, horrific, for her and her poor family and friends.

Mental health is still very much a problem, all the more reason to be kind and gentle, opening our eyes when people are in need, giving them support and a helping hand. Most of all, letting them know they are important, Science has now shown that devoting time and energy to those in need, rather than having more and more for ourselves, brings lasting peace and well-being.

Practicing the system of Reiki, enables us to be compassionate and kind without doubt, sharing a treatment, or running a Reiki course, meditating and being mindful, opens the door to kindness naturally and gently. Sensitivity is being kind, feeling connection to nature and all things, is being kind, loving each other for who we are, is being kind.

So when a situation arises, and we see someone in distress, be kind, be helpful, listen to them, if you feel they are sinking, get the help they need in a kind way, before they break.