Peace and Reiki

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I hope you are well and enjoying the summer, rain and all! There is so much activity in the garden, the Blackbirds bring their young to the feeding table, the Sparrows attending their young who seem to have their mouths open all the time, poor parents. We even have Greenfinches and their young, also Goldfinches, a hedgehog, frogs and Newts, it’s a real joy and very uplifting.

Someone came for a Reiki Treatment and afterwards we talked about what Peace really is. When someone speaks badly to us, how do we react, do we react in the same tone? Very often when someone is confrontational, they are in a lot of pain, maybe from their past or now in this moment. We none of us know what is behind closed doors, someone suffering abuse or maybe they may have had violent parents. It’s therefore important we look behind the negativity in ourselves and help the person with compassion, not anger. So for me Peace is within, we feel it, we can’t touch it as it is not tangible, but that lovely inner feeling is very profound and strong we can then act in a way that will help the person, which in turn will help us all. Thich Nhat Hanh said in his book ‘Peace is every step’ when anger arises it is very beneficial to practice a walking meditation.

The breath is very important so breathe in and be calm.

Feel the fresh air, listen to the sounds of nature refresh and restore simply. Let Peace consume you and your being, feel alive, let go of negativity and anger, embrace the world around you, that is peace.

Love this quote:

“The beauty of the trees,

the softness of the air,

the fragrance of the grass speaks to me.

the summit of the mountain,

the thunder of the sky, speaks to me.

The faintness of the stars,

the trail of the sun,

the strength of fire,

and the life that never goes away, they speak to me and my heart soars”.

Chief Dan George

It says it all doesn’t it, simply and naturally.

Love Jenny

3 Comments on “Peace and Reiki”

  1. how true.
    I shared a Reiki Treatment outside recently. They actually sent me an email about a week later to say that they felt such peace afterwards.
    to connect with nature and just be is so important.
    the quote is sublime I love it.

  2. Through our connection with Reiki we each experience a higher state of being. In that place, we are able to be our calmest, kindest, best selves.
    We seek no power, do no harm and return to an earlier connection with Mother Earth. When we sit in meditation; mind clear, breath and body calm, no ego, no conscious concerns, we help balance the people and places where that is not so. When we take and make time for this to occur we are, perhaps unintentionally, serving a greater purpose than our own well being. ‘The life that never goes away, [it speaks] to me and my heart soars”
    Love and light to you all.

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