I have often been asked Reiki is Hands on Healing and do we have to be attuned? This can get very confusing as in many Japanese Esoteric teachings this has never been the case, as from the Japanese perspective Rei is Spiritual, and comes from within, Spiritual translates to our own true nature or being.

Attunements gives the Reiki Teacher ego and power as the whole ritual becomes external, not spiritual, the teacher who ‘gives’ these attunements show that this is a complete mis-understanding that he/she  is ‘giving’ the attunement which is not the case at all. In the original ancient teachings a Reiju was shared, which means a ‘spiritual blessing’ or ‘spiritual offering’. Reiki is within us all, we just need to acknowledge it, ‘Attunements’ don’t make this happen it’s already there.

When we share Reiki, the Practitioner prepares a focus by deep breathing and letting go of all attachments and facades, which in turn takes them into meditation and emptiness, at one with the client, no ‘giver’ no receiver. There is no sequence, just a deep connection, sometimes hands touch the person, sometimes they don’t. Going deep within takes us to another dimension of compassion, emptiness, understanding, and truth.

Reiki is not about ‘hands on’ it’s about the deep connection to all things, the hands play a part, but not the whole, the spirit takes over, it’s an amazing feeling. No one is ‘giving’ anything.

Notes for your diary.

Shoden Reiki level 1 is on the 25th/26th January.

Okuden Reiki level 2 is on the 1st/2nd February.

Shoden Reiki level 1 is on  15th/16th February.

MEDITATION WORKSHOP is on the 22nd February, 10.00am – 2.00pm, price £30.00

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Quote :

“A journey becomes a pilgrimage as we discover day by day, that the distance traveled

is less important than the experience gained”

Ernest Kurtz.

Keep smiling.

Love Jenny x