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What do we think Reiki is? Is it just ‘Hands on Healing’ or is it much more? For me ‘hands ‘on healing’ is a very minor point in the System of Reiki, spirituality starts from birth, and when we grow, we put our hands on ourselves, this comforts us and helps us to feel better when we have an injury or are unwell. this ‘feeling’ of holding ourselves will be a lifetime of spiritual practice. Sometimes people don’t recognise this but they still receive the benefit of feeling their hands on themselves without really knowing why they do this.

Reiki is so much more than ‘hands on healing’ yes putting our hands on someone or ourselves is lovely and very relaxing. The energy flows naturally and deeply touching our inner self, this can bring out a lot of festering issues, but those issues need to be acknowledged in order for us to heal. The energy is there whether we put our hands on or not, standing in spiritual essence, letting go of our ego, the energy is very strong and flows naturally. We don’t ‘make’ this happen, it happens without distraction. It’s the same when we self- heal, if our mind becomes distracted it will affect the energy, and this will happen in any Reiki practice, so the answer is to stop distraction.

If we really look deeply into our own inner essence we will find that we embody compassion and kindness. In modern Reiki we all need to be ‘attuned’ to feel this, no we don‘t!  when we let go and just be ourselves that amazing feeling is there. Humans need labels, Reiki is not a label it’s spiritual.

In the traditional and ancient teachings in Japan we share Reiju which translates to a blessing, also in the ancient teachings we can experience and share Kaji which is also a blessing and very ancient, this helps us to understand that we are the great light. Some people will think these ancient practices are complicated, but in reality they are simple, humans make it complicated.

Within the system of Reiki the founder of Reiki was known as Mikao Usui, he was a Tendai Buddhist, and practised and taught Reiki (it wasn’t known as Reiki then, that name came later).  He taught specific tools which relate back to Japanese Buddhism, which links to Reiki. In modern Reiki Attunements were introduced, without the teacher really knowing about the link to these ancient practices.

The realisation that Reiki encompasses the Precepts, that the Precepts are the foundation of Reiki, came within the ancient practices and are very much used today, they burn away our worries, anger, fear and attachments, so the bright light of our essence shines through us. We are the bright light, we are Reiki, that link will always be there for us, special meditation is the key to the ancient practices that we need focus on. Practices that bring kindness, compassion and unity to us.

We never stop learning, Kaji is a kanji (word) that many Western people have not heard of, Kaji practitioners in Japan, spend many years training and to receive Kaji from a Priest or Priestess is a great honour, as Reiju is also, they both are a shared blessing, no giver, no receiver, no I, no you, just being our true nature, without any attachments or facades. Reiki Training is important to achieve this level of understanding.

No one can teach us to ‘feel’ spirituality, that feeling is in all of us, it just needs recognition and understanding.

The Zoom Reiki Share was a disaster! It didn’t work, but for some unknown reason it is now! So The next Zoom Reiki Share is on Saturday 21st May 11.00am – 12.30ish.

SHODEN LEVEL 1, is on Saturday and Sunday 23rd/24th April, Refresh for free or book the Course.

OKUDEN LEVEL 2, is on Saturday and Sunday 30th/1st April/MayRefresh for free or book the Course.

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