This Practice has been included to help Shinpiden students gain a better understanding of the kanji Dai from Daikomyo. The kanji of Dai means great, big, and most interestingly human. Therefore internalising this kanji supports the practitioner in a greater understanding of the Shinpiden level and the tools it utilises.


This technique also brings you into working with the interconnectedness of dual elements (such as heaven and Earth, Moon and Sun) working towards Oneness. Here you can see some of the relationships that the term ‘duality’ encompasses. The Moon and the Sun are specifically used in this technique. However, they also represent other forms of duality.


Earth – Moon – Feminine – Left


Heaven, – Sun – Masculine – Right


  • Gassho – to centre the mind and to set intent.
  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms outstretched thereby looking like the kanji of Dai.
  • Visualise each of the following and hold them in your mind as you continue with the next visualisation. Start by feeling a bright line of energy going from your crown to your left foot.
  • Now feel a bright line of energy going from your crown to your right foot.
  • Now add the feeling of a bright line of energy going from your left hand to your right hand.
  • Now visualise a bright Moon below your left foot and a bright Sun in your right foot. Stay in this space for a moment or two.
  • Now visualise the ~Sun and Moon from your feet going upwards through your legs into your heart centre.
  • Visualise the sun and Moon in your hands going through your arms to your heart centre.
  • Merge the Suns and Moons together and feel the bright light expanding through your whole body.
  • Bring your arms down to hang loose at your side.
  • Stand in the space that you have created.
  • Place your hands on the hara and take a couple of deep breaths.
  • Gassho to give thanks.

Creating a deeper energetic connection

To the Great Bright Light