Reiki and Cancer

During my Reiki practice I have heard of people with Cancer and I have treated some with Reiki, even the terminally ill. When I discovered a lump in my breast I thought it would just go away, I have not been a person who checks regularly, so it was a bit of a shock when it didn’t disappear. I saw a GP really quickly who said “I don’t think it’s anything to worry about’ but she referred me anyway to the breast unit at the RUH in. Bath.

I was seen within 2 weeks, had 8 Mammograms (poor squashed boob!) then had biopsy’s taken and an Ultra sound given by a Doctor. I then saw the first surgeon who said I had breast cancer and to come back the following week for them to decide the best option. When I returned the following week I saw another surgeon who said the results were inconclusive and I need another biopsy (a bigger one) that would in a word ‘hoover’ out tissue. I was then told to come back yet again for the results the following week, I saw yet another surgeon who told me I definitely had breast cancer. Oh sh… I was told to come back again as they would decide what was the best surgery for me! (I thought this was decided weeks ago?? I duly went back and was told that if I chose, I could have a Mastectomy, if I had a lumpectomy it would involve weeks of Chemo to shrink the tumour. Well by this time confusion and astonishment set in, good job my lovely daughter was with me who retold it all to me.

It was then decided to do the operation on the 10th January, time to come in was all arranged etc. Then I was told I could meet the surgeon who would be doing the operation, I thought that was a lovely idea. So it was arranged and off I went to meet Alison the surgeon. She spent a lot of patient time with me and a plan was made. I was driving home and had a phone call, so I stopped to take the call. It was Alison saying the operation was cancelled for the 10th as a Radiologist said I needed an MRI before the operation and a further biopsy!! Pardon me?? I couldn’t believe it and said that it was unacceptable to change the plans 20 minuits after they were made. She said she would ring me back in an hour, she did and said it was back on!

By this time I was close to tears and practiced Reiki and deep breathing which helped enormously.

After further faffing I eventually had the operation and stayed in overnight, it went well but I have to wait for Pathology reports which I will have on Friday.

I am very well but very tired, and for once I’m listening to what my body needs. I am self -treating on a regular basis and a dear friend/student is sharing Reiki treatments with me.

The outcome of all this is yet to be discovered but knowing I have the wonderful tool of Reiki and Mikao Usui’s teachings is such a comfort. I feel very positive whatever the outcome and very blessed.

Always, take the time to really know who you truly are, let go of facades and attachments and above all don’t hold on to Anger, and Worry, compassion will always shine through, dig deep into the essence of ‘us’ and just ‘be’. Also laugh at silly funny things, such as this photo of the waiting room.

Love Jenny x