Reiki and Doom and gloom

I don’t know about you but I am fed up with all the ‘doom and gloom’ news we are getting, Covid rises, the war in Ukraine, Financial problems and so o

It seems the Government are not Politian’s who are working for us the electrate they seem to ‘bumble along’ with silly ideas that do nothing to help us or the planet

Anyway we all need to do our own little bit by being true to who we are, we can’t save the world or the people in it even though most of us would like to. We need to conserve our own nature and work with the environment as best we can, looking out for our wildlife by not abusing them.

Bird Flu is high on the agenda also. Bird Flu has been here for a number of years but this year it’s much more contagious and deadly. Why is this? The lake in the Park in Corsham is empty, is this because of this issue or is yet another of human interference?

We can put blame on most things but at the end of the day, blame is yet another label, another excuse, empty words.

Reiki is so important for us to understand the beauty around us, to live with the beauty where ego and power do not exist.

After all our destination is all the same, we can have the power to destroy or we can have enough compassion to protect.

I know that all of us who practice Reiki even those that don’t,

understand that ‘now’ is the moment, not yesterday or tomorrow but NOW. If enough of the world’s population look at life this way then perhaps the ‘moment’ will prevail, and the light will shine.

It’s all about being grateful, and honest, and compassionate, letting go of Anger and worry as best we can. My personal opinion is that we must look after ourselves first and foremost in order to feel compassion. If we are stressed and anxious everyone around us will also be stressed and anxious, which will not help them or us.

The Precepts are essential for our lives and our Practice, the instructions tell us :

For this moment

Do not anger

Do not Worry

Be true to who you are

Be grateful

Be compassionate to yourself and others

If we really look at these instructions and feel the meaning behind them, we will understand much more and change our way of thinking, in a good and positive way.

Love Jenny x