There are many words we choose to describe a certain thing or object,

language constantly evolves and adapts to our way of life. The word Earth

though has always been the same, describing what is beneath our feet, soil, food, grounding, stabilising and nurturing. When we feel the earth soil beneath our fingers and hands, we feel the connection to all things, mountains, rivers, oceans, sky, moon, the list can go on forever. We also feel, or most of us feel, humble, we are so small in comparison to the huge earth, yet we think we are better than the earth, and thinking this way we are knowingly destroying its very foundation and essence. Maybe now we have had to slow down and have much more time to think, we will at last realise the destruction of our earth and stop now!


Within the System of Reiki at the second level (Okuden), the first symbol is introduced, the mantra of Cho Ku Rei, which means ‘direct Spirit’ and comes from old Shinto practices and is widely known as Earth Energy. Symbol 1 and its mantra does indeed remind us of the Earth, it also reminds us that the earth is powerful, and grounding, by feeling grounded we feel less fear and worry, enabling us to be more direct and honest it also reminds us of the Precepts, letting go of Anger and Worry.


The sun is shining today and there is warmth in the air, the seeds in my pots are poking their little heads up, people I saw today walking had a smile on their faces. So all is not serious, we have to move forward and embrace change, because change is inevitable, whether it’s physical or emotional, nothing stays the same. Our bodies and minds adapt, we could argue that change is not always a good thing. Take the Pandemic, some could say it is a disaster and some could say it’s a learning curve, I think the latter, it goes without saying that our thoughts are with all those that have lost loved ones. Nothing diminishes the serious effect this pandemic has had and continous to do so on all of us, but at the end of the day it is important for us to understand that our earth is the one stabilising factor. We must protect our forests, our woodlands and our green spaces, otherwise we will damage the course of our lives, earth and above all the natural world. So we need to respect the ancient teachings, and learn from the mistakes that are so prevalent now, money is not important, life is. I’m sorry to be so serious but we all must do our bit, now, this moment.

Let’s enjoy the Spring and new life, and above all enjoy the power our wonderful earth gives us.


Anyway, some events coming up which you may like to join.


MEDITATION WORKSHOP Saturday 3rdApril 10.00am -12.30 cost  £20.00


REIKI SHARE Saturday 17thApril 11.00am – 12.30 ish cost £5.00 for Dogs Trust.


SHODEN AND OKUDEN (Reiki 1 and Reiki 2) at your convenience, either to join or refresh, free to all those that took any of the courses within the year. £50.00 if you took it outside of the year. Let me know your thoughts.


Love Jenny x